Tuesday, August 5, 2008

JOA bowling night

Last night Michelle and I met my good friend Jim Simon for dinner, beers and some good old-fashioned newspaper war gamesmanship at the Garage, Seattle's retro-cool hipster pool hall and bowling alley. Jim is city editor at the Seattle Times.

I forgot to take a picture of the nice lanes, but maybe Michelle will upload one later.

One thing I noticed: Wii bowling is much easier than real bowling.

Between gutter balls I heard Michelle and Jim cooking up some antitrust-breaking scheme to save Seattle journalism. They got as far as agreeing that one paper should continue publishing in the morning and the other should be distributed free in the afternoon, but I don't think they ever decided which was which.

Settle the whole JOA thing with three lines of bowling and a best of seven 9-Ball tournament, and I like the P-I's chances.

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Jim Thomsen said...

The question is: Why should more than one Seattle paper remain in PRINT? I think it's entirely logical and sensible that one or the other — probably the P-I, because it has by the far the superior Web presence — should go online-only. Newsprint is going up 30 percent in price, in just the last half of 2008 (so our publisher tells us), making print an anachronistic loss leader.