Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Way to go, M&Mers

A few more blogarversary photos rolled in this morning. Thank you. It's great to see what everyone's up to.

Michelle's mom Freda is thinking about buying this cool house.

And Gaby, daughter of our friends Donna and Ed in Seal Beach, just won a big tennis tournament on Sunday. Here she is, with a friend before the match, and with her trophy afterward. Good job, Gab!

Let's see. Hmm, Ronelle? Haven't heard from you for a while ...


Mark said...

I neglected to mention that as of our Sunday birthday, M&M has had 665 posts. As my brother-in-law would say, that's .... a lot! About 12 a week, I figure.

kateco said...

Wow freda --- cool house! And Gaby Victorious. Nice!

Rita said...

Good luck, Freda - great looking house!

freda said...

thanks Rita, I don't think it will happen though, they haven't cried "uncle".

Ronelle said...

Happy Blogaversary to all!
I am guilty as charged - I have not been spending as much time on the computer lately. This is partly due to my "childless" status while Christin is in Brazil and partly due to a cooler, the sun and a pool.
First of all, Mark, are you trying to say you are BETTER as Wii bowling that real bowling? Wow!
Secondly, Aunt Rita, I love the description of your day - I would have enjoyed doing every one of those things with you.
I will add some pix and a description of one of my typcal summer days later tonight.
It sounds like everyone is having a fun, eventful summer.