Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Blogaversary to us

Thanks to Kaye for the headline, which she used atop a nice note and the above blurry photo in response to yesterday's shout-out to M&M-ville on the occasion of this blog's first birthday.

Our second annual request for reader photos drew an infinitely better response -- three participants, against zero last year -- but we still got a lot of apologies in the forgot-my-camera, saw-the-post-too-late vein.

OK, my bad, we put out the call sorta late in the day. But come on, people. Be cool like Kaye and Val and Rita, who all are busy and/or technically challenged too and yet managed to send a pic.

You can do it! It's not too late!

Here are the entries so far.

From Kaye:
Hi -- here is what I am doing today:

First, I am pining because I sent Val off to Vegas today on his business trip -- training on a new platform for TIC -- that will last all week. Sigh. (Maybe he'll send you an iPhone pix of his day from there. I'll suggest it when he calls me later.)

I am keeping busy by adding new functionality to Today, I am working on including a zip code search of independent bookstores, so users can buy books online from local indies. (If they're into that sort of thing.)

[Above] is a picture of me at the con, bristling with technology -- grabbed with my iSight webcam, hence the quality -- working on and feeling relived and happy that the thing looks so good on the iPhone. It is ready for the new new new world (Props to Val for the elegant css that makes that possible).

Happy blogaversary to us, my friends. I know it sounds sappy, but feeling connected to you two is actually one of the best things that happened to me this year. And the wider M&M world ... that's the cherry on top! Thank you for all the co-conspiracy, carping, stupid fun, inspiration and friendship.

From my mom:
As promised, here's a glimpse of how I spent my time on M&M's birthday:
I watered my beautiful hydrangeas and decided to pick a bouquet for my living room.
I spent a little time practicing a watercolor while listening to favorite music.
I browsed arouind Borders bookstore for a while before stopping at the market.
For dinner I fixed Michy's great pesto tortelloni dish, with my home-made pesto.

From M&M:

Michelle at the bakery:
From Val:
From the checkin line at Luxor...

(Val wins for coolest thing to be doing.)


mich said...

OK, I feel totally lame for not participating. Today I survived my return to work and even combined that with new dog-parenthood. I didn't get a photo shot and e-mailed, but no one went to work or camp naked, and the dog didn't suffocate in his crate. So I count that as a good day.

Mom, you're not only shooting digital pictures but e-mailing them too! You rock. And your hydrangeas are gorgeous.

kateco said...

wow! Who knew I would end up as m&m's soft focus cover girl?

Just want to say Rita absolutely does rock -- with all her digital photography and emailing ... and hydrangeas

Love k

freda said...

hey M&M, I did send photos, but I sent them to Michelle, not Mark. Next time I will send to both. Rita, your hydrangeas are gorgeous, Kay and Val, I wish we lived close enough to be able to come over and pick your brains.