Sunday, August 3, 2008

Incremental Updates, Annual Edition

Glancing at my M&M Calendar I notice that, unbelievably, it was one year ago today we launched this stupid blog.

Michelle's first post, "One day I couldn't stop blogging," was about how we both felt something missing after the fun of blogging our big adventure earlier last summer at the World Series of Poker. So, Incremental Updates was born.

Since then we've built a small but regular community of M&M'ers -- our moms, Kaye & Val, Mich, Janice, Laurie, a few other lurkers -- and we've all shared a few laughs, stories and photos from our little lives. Like "Seinfeld," M&M is a show about nothing. And that's what I love about it. We're far from perfect: It's been noted that we're overly generous with our movie-rating gliomas; I also remember confidently predicting that Hillary Clinton would be president; and who could forget the awesome carrot fight?

But we've also found an excuse and a place to document some excellent meals with friends, watch Gina and Franny adapt to teenagerhood, appreciate the unexpected misanthropic fun of brain cancer and record highlights from our awesome Pie in the Sky II tour of America. Pretty good.

Flipping back through some early posts I ran across this genius idea by Michelle, A challenge to our readers: Send us a photo of what you're doing today. Unfortunately, due to laziness, technical problems or just low readership, no one participated. Here was the follow-up post: What we're doing today.

So now, all of us being a year older and more technically adept, let's try again. Send us a digital photo of what you're doing today, it doesn't need to be fancy, meaningful or even in focus, and we'll post a little M&M birthday album.

It's our blog's four-glioma birthday wish. And we blew out all the candles so it has to come true.


Anonymous said...

This is janice, my password didn't work: Hey, I glanced at the M&M calendar today. I turned the page to August! A little late. Great pic.

mich said...

Darn, I saw this too late. Bummer, because we went to see the Blue Angels today. Would have made a good photo. I hope you get lots of others. If not, let's do it next weekend.

freda said...

I went house hunting, looking for something fabulous. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera. Should have. If I actually buy one, I will take pictures.

Rita said...

Happy Birthday M&M! I loved this Annual Edition of Updates. Unfortunately, I saw it too late to react yesterday, but after that closing line, who could not respond?!

I'll try to send a pic or two of my 'life in the fast lane'.

kateco said...

hey! Djall get our emails?

freda said...

OK, I went back to the house, took some photos and put in an offer. I will send some pics by email because I can't get them in here.