Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Drug update, or: The nurse did it, in the lab room, with a fax machine!

After my rant yesterday about the headache getting my chemotherapy drugs, I talked to my "case manager" at the UW. Her explanation: "It's possible the wrong fax number got used."

Jeez. What a tell. Here's a tip to would-be detectives or couch potatoes watching a police procedural on TV: If they slip into the passive voice, they did it. It's possible the trigger got pulled while the gun was pointed at my husband's head.

Hey, that's an idea! A reality show with contestants competing to solve a murder!

Each season could be a different classic-TV setup -- one year could turn on forensic evidence, another on penetrating, confession-inducing interviews of suspects. Contestants could dress in one season as frumpy guys in trench coats, or as a prim old British lady, or a little French guy in a mustache ... the possibilities could keep the show going for years.

Man, I'm wasting my time here. I should be in Hollywood, lunching at Farmer's Market and coffeeing at the Melrose Starbucks.

Anyway, my stupid drugs came today. So tonight I begin my cycle.


Rita said...

Great Reality show ideas! Maybe even one with contestants dressed as patients, deciding whether to place blame on third-grader brain surgeons or fax-incompetent nurses.

Anyway, glad you received the drugs. Good luck with the process.

kateco said...

mistakes were made ...