Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reason 5 billion and something ...

... that Michelle's an awesome girlfriend.

Last night we've got the TV on, the laptops open -- a typical M&M tableau -- and apropos of nothing Michelle blurts out, "I'm afraid Bernanke might be too big of a pussy."

I didn't even know yet exactly what she was talking about, but the fact that she would have formed an opinion about Ben Bernanke, who succeeded Alan Greenspan a year ago as chairman of the Federal Reserve, and that this was how she would choose to express it, well, my heart grew three sizes that day.

"Do tell," I said, wishing I sounded like Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction."

Turns out she was reading a New York Times profile of Bernanke, and her opinion wasn't so much about his Fed policy -- interest rates, the supply of money and whatnot -- as his apparently over-accommodating tone with Congress. "Greenspan wouldn't waffle like that," she said.

All this while liveblogging "American Idol."

Tell me it's not a small universe of women who had all that going on last night. Nice looker too.


kateco said...

she's my American Idol

freda said...

that's my baby

freda said...

but yes, it is a small universe of women, just as it is a small universe of men who have the perception to apprciate them - sadly.

michelle said...


mich said...

Freda, you just nailed the reason I love my brother.

And Michelle, rock on! Not just in a Guitar Hero sort of way.